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How to Nominate a Classic Post

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    How to Nominate a Classic Post

    If you see a post on MMlist or the MM Forum that you'd like to see made public in the Keepers vault, then send an email or private message to its author and request that he/she approves us listing their post.

    Doing so grants us permission to make the post public. Often this might entail editing the post to remove personal/identifying details.

    The author should send a message to [email protected] to grant permission to make it public.

    If the author does not grant permission, then please do not pressure him/her to do so. Posts to MMlist or the MM Forum are presumed to be limited to those venues, protected from the general public. We want MM to be a safe, protected, and confidential space. Only posts authors feel comfortable making public should be public.

    Rarely, there might be reasons we can't include the post.
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