Hey everyone--welcome to Dryuary and feel free to post here on the public forum. if you're taking a break from booze in 2023 and want more support, please consider joining MM's private forum and head over here: Dryuary 2023! - MM Forum (moderation.org)‚Äč If you join, you can also access prior Dryuary threads, our current "Oneuary" thread for those interested in one drink per day, and a thread for those moderating but not necessarily doing anything different for the month. It's free and anonymous. MM has many other resources for Dryuary including Facebook, ListServ, Instagram, meetings and you can sign up at www.dryuary.org for more details. We'll have a lot of chatter, support, and tips and tricks to help you get through the month and beyond. Cheers to better health in 2023!