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Ghosts from Dryuary's Past!

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    Ghosts from Dryuary's Past!

    Hey gang,

    As you are fully aware, Dryuary is under way. This year we thought it would be fun to share some of our past participants favorite memories of Dryuary's past. We believe these would be very valuable to our current participants.

    You don't have to be a good riter.
    You don't even have to be a gud speler.
    You just have to tell us about your memory. It can be a successful one, a funny one, a difficult one, a brutally truthful one. No matter what kind of memory it is, it will inspire someone.
    No one has to know it's even your memory if you don't want them to, just let me know.
    You can post it in response to this post,or you can offlist it to me.

    We would very much appreciate it.

    Hi to all the Dryuarians! (As I saw one MM'er call us)

    My main memory from last Dryuary was that I had 1 very hard day. It was January 10th and I was having a very hard time. So I journaled, I went and took a a bath. I wrote, "Boy oh Boy would I have loved a drink tonight" I lit a candle and tried "Tapping" (EFT) and played some Deva Primal music. I just felt so sad and I felt like crying.... and I did cry. But I didn't drink.

    The next morning I work up and felt cleansed, like the slate was wiped clean. Like I needed to just "FEEL" what I was feeling without reason or apology. I still remember that and that feeling of realization that I can get through difficult times or emotions without a Drink.


      My main memory is the genuine care and support of the community in what was my first month-long abs. People say you can't feel over the internet, but I disagree. I felt welcome, supported, cared about, even loved, and it made all the difference.


        Hi there--

        I have time this a.m. so searched the 2017 Dryuary thread because I found that journey to be so very powerful and wonderful --that was my first Dryuary and wow: what a great community! One post I was searching and couldn't find, in the end, was about a day when I was feeling so flat and blah and bleak, and really, really missing having a good beer to brighten things up. I reported feeling draggy and ugh, and someone suggested, "3733, maybe you're just feeling tired and blah. Maybe that's just it and you don't need to look into it further. We feel that way sometimes." That insight landed so helpfully for me. I think it might have been the first time in years that I got my head around the fact that as humans, we just feel stuff. It's not all, always, good, positive, productive, on it, focused. We *don't* always "got it." I'm not capturing the profundity very well, but my mind travels to that exchange, and to that Dryuary in particular, as such a rich and special time.

        Another super-helpful post was from kary may . It was on Jan 16, 2017, and I was looking ahead to the future and wondering about whether I'd mod or abs when Dryuary was done. Kary May responded:

        3733 - a little insight if I may. Don't think that far into the future right now, just keep doing what feels right and best for you. You are giving yourself an incredibly powerful tool this month, if you decide to try moderation on Feb. 1, you'll be carrying the memory of what this month felt like, what you felt like. If things don't go they way you want them to go, or if you find yourself missing this place, abstinence, it's always here for you.
        A number of us who are doing Dryuary and Oneuary this year were there posting in the 2017 threads. It's so, so nice to see how long some of us have been chatting! And those past posts are gold. Thanks for suggesting we take a look back, kary may! Take care everyone (and GSHunter73 - agreed about the true feels over the Internet. We have something so special here).

        Have a good one, everyone--


          3733 true! Today I was tired, but it was just from lack of sleep, not because I was hungover. Different feeling! I am in the throes of remembering all the good sleep and how great I felt in Dryuarys past, wondering once again WHY I don't do this all the time.

          3733 Unrelated, just after reading your suggestion about reading Holly Whitaker's book, I stumbled upon an article written by her in Men's Health and I liked it, so I bought her book "Quit Like a Woman" and am enjoying the heck out of it!! Thank you for the suggestion. Also the video link you provided gave me some insight into the chemicals behind insomnia.


            GSHunter73 agree about this group. I am on the Facebook Naked Mind Experiment page, this is far more intimate and targeted. You have to really try a bit harder and be on this site vs. that page. Kind of like why the milk is positioned where it is in the grocery store -- you have to search it because you really need it. 3733 thanks for reminding us to just be. I had a hard time falling asleep last night -- drank tea, lavendar balm, listened to a mediation... then thought jeesh, don't work so hard at this... just put your head on the damn pillow, do the Dr. Weil breathing exercise and close your eyes! Pretty much worked...but I REALLY need to turn off the lap top 2 hrs before bed time!!!!


              Snowbird and Christy Dee we have a Dryuary post coming up about the sleeping problem. Snowbird, for some reason, those breathing exercises make me anxious rather than relaxing me, I always feel like I'm not getting enough air in or letting enough air out. Same reason I can't meditate. I have a thing about breathing, I think I must have been suffocated in a former life or something.



                lol, kary may! I'm glad you haven't suffocated.