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    My Name is Megan, and Iím a problem drinker. I started drinking when I got divorced, but that was almost ten years ago. It has gotten worse and worse, until last night my husband figured out that I was hiding wine. So we threw it out, and I am going to try a 30. I need to do it, but Iím scared too. Iím here for support from those who have been there. Thanks for welcoming me.

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    Hi Megan and welcome.


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      Hello Megan! This is a great place for information -Steps of Change and motivation- keep reading and posting.


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        Welcome, Megan. I have been a lover of wine, to excess. Although I am new to MM, the approach makes so much sense to me. I have strung together several days where I have drunk wine moderately - no more than two 5 ounce glasses. In between I drink alot of sparking water or diet tonic water. I am also on Weight Watchers - and I am amazed at the way my weight is falling off now that I am not drinking to excess. I wish you all the best.


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          Good morning and welcome Megan! How are things going with you?