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  • Fantastic Day 29 Post

    Great post today by RCK! One point she makes that I want to re-emphasize is your tolerance will be lower at the end of this month. You're going to be amazed at how quickly your body adjust to not drinking-so, if your planning a big blow-out drinking celebration on Feb 1, (I know you're not, right?) you are most likely going to feel like hammered shizzola on Feb.2. Even if you drank less than what you used to drink. Be careful.

    Thank you for the amazing post, rck!

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    Thanks for the post, RCK! I appreciate the advice to drink in a safe place with safe people - diving into an overdrinking trigger situation could result in a painful end to a good month. I also appreciate that a lot of your moderation tips involve making it easier to moderate at social gatherings where others are drinking - that's a situation I haven't put myself in many times yet, so it's great to have some ideas. Very creative with the sea salt and caramels! I've really taken to seltzer water and think I'd drink less alcohol if I made a point to bring some of that along with me to a gathering. Thanks again!


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      RCK...thank you so much for this post...I especially the closing: "You have the tools, the resources, and the support. We are not going anywhere after January 31st. We’ll still be here, sharing our stories and building each other up." I feel that in my life now and MM is part of that...


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        i love moderation, I set out for abstience , and had 2 beers and 2 hits of nice kush pot! lol i guess that makes me a moderation-aholic? I just really can't say how much mm adds to my life, I hope it does for all of you too!!!