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Humblebrag? and sleep

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  • Humblebrag? and sleep

    Congratulations to everyone who is more than halfway through the month!

    I'm on day 10...still not sleeping well. Any suggestions (other than don't binge watch the Handmaid's Tale before bed?)

    Two small victories -

    Went to a friend's house where I normally drink, and while it crossed my mind I didn't really crave it. Said friend and hub were thoughtfully drinking beer, not my bev of choice.

    Cooking is a trigger for me. Last night I felt a momentary pull, opened a sparkling water, and was perfectly happy with that. Yay me!

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    JewelerLA Thanks for sharing, and congratulations. I think we have different scales for weighing victories. You faced two trigger situations and kept to your goal. I'd call those big victories! I don't have advice on the sleep front - I've had insomnia since I was a kid. I just try to notice how much less awful it is to be tired without a hangover on top of it.
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      Yay for you, JewelerLA ! I concur w/May-mo on the "No, that's *big*!" response to your post. Go ahead and brag about it! That is fun to read!

      I seem to recall a fair amount of discussion of sleep last Dryuary. Thanks to Nils, we can find the archives and go through looking for tips:

      I hope this helps--


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        Thanks, 3733


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          Congratulations JewelerLA ! Well done It's tough for me around friends who are drinking.

          I have been struggling with sleep this month too. I have had insomnia for many years and I have always heard that drinking before bed makes it worse. I've never been willing to try not drinking in the evening until now and boy, was I looking forward to that perk of Dryuary. Guess it doesn't apply to me. Let me know if you come up with something that works!

          Originally posted by May-mo View Post
          don't have advice on the sleep front - I've had insomnia since I was a kid. I just try to notice how much less awful it is to be tired without a hangover on top of it.
          So true May-mo! So true!!! I didn't realize just how much of that crappy tired feeling was from the alcohol, and not just a shit nights sleep until now! I'm surprised how well I can actually function on less sleep when I'm not drinking. JewelerLA, I guess I would say that the one thing that is helping me a bit is reminding myself that I will be ok if I don't fall asleep, I will just rest. And, like May-mo, I feel better than I did with the hangover on top of it. So allowing myself to appreciate the rest I am giving my body without the expectation of sleep sometimes helps me to relax enough to stop obsessing, and I actually fall asleep! Worst case, I get some rest.


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            Sorry for not writing back sooner! I made it about 20 days into my 30, then blew it on a business trip (fortunately, not with colleagues). Trying to moderate until I'm ready to take on another 30. I abstained the last 3 days and was reminded of how much being tired is a trigger for me. I'm with elle333 in that better sleep without alcohol does not seem to happen for me.

            Trying to talk myself into seeing a pysch through my insurance to see if I can get sleep meds, but dread it expecting to be told I need to go to 30 day inpatient rehab...


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              I agree that there is some reason for your concern. If you are going to talk about heavy drinking with the psych you do open the door for them to go BTB in terms of: if you are addicted to one drug, don't prescribe another that is also potentially addictive. The fact that you are able to abstain is powerful. If you choose to share about your drinking and you share about your "binges" ... if the "binges" are not "too excessive," (probably max six maybe seven drinks), the psych may be less concerned. And then again with the disease model, if you drank daily, binged at times, and then stopped, the potential in their eyes may still exist. Ugh. It just depends on the doc I think.

              I am with May-mo that it is better to get less sleep without the hangover. Definitely.

              Sure you will manuever this minor setback. I was impressed with your 20 day streak and now again 3!


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                Thanks. Welp, here I am again. I had to put my dog down and I'm rolling into work hungover. Time for a reset.


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                  Very sorry to hear. Reset sounds good. A massage or treat of some sort is in order. Take good care.