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First Friday!

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  • First Friday!

    Here we go....I started on Sunday, so this will be my first Dryuary weekend! There's no reason that actually matters, since I was a daily drinker, but somehow it feels like a speed bump.

    On the positive side of the ledger, last night I went to store where I often bought wine (which I was a little afraid to do) and I didn't even feel the pull. I don't need it!

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    Keep with it JewelerLA ! As a pal pointed out, "It's just a liquid!"

    Do you have a plan for how to support your decision to not drink this weekend? Activities? Treats? Alternate beverages? It took awhile, but I actually like and feel satisfied by O'Douls.Virgin piņa colada and a movie? Bitters and soda or cranberry, soda and lime and a fun night with a pal who Gets It? In MM folks work to help each other make some plans for success. I hope you'll share some of your strategies when you feel like doing that --no pressure just interest


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      JewelerLA really glad you did not feel the pull to wine aisle...I hope this weekend is as smooth. This is my second weekend but first going out with family for dinner...they will be drinking but will support me - even be glad that I am involved in self care!!!! I am dreading being in a restaurant with drinks on the table AND I am also intrigued to observe how it feels...hey, I might not feel a pull either!!


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        ConnieLynn sparkling water and Sees Lollypops!


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          JewelerLA I did a search for Sees Lollypops - sound wonderful...I am going to order some - and will drop some GinGin's in my bag...that will help...thanks for the tips.


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            Hmm... I might need to find out about these Gin Gins....


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              JewelerLA LOL..."chewy ginger candy" not sure they are as delicious as a cinnamon Sees lollipop but very satisfying...esp the spicy apple ones...of course too much sugar...2 tiny pieces 10 g!!!