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  • Late to the party

    Hello! I just started Dryuary last night, but intend to go for 30 days. I am highly motivated because I am speaking in front of a large conference audience that is likely to include a highly critical ex on Feb 6th, and alcohol is the reason I am overweight! Has anyone else had the experience of feeling hot (almost feverish?) while abstaining?

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    Welcome to the party, JewelerLA . You're not late, you just wanted to make an entrance. My body served up all kinds of surprising treats in the early days of absing, and, yes, hot flashes and night sweats were part of them. If it helps, all of the physical upheavals ended by Day 7 (I was a very heavy, daily drinker) and I felt better than I had in years. I also lost 20 lbs when I quit drinking.
    Glad you're hanging out with us for the rest of this party!


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      Me, too -- late to the party!


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        pogcl Welcome...the daily emails have been so inspiring for me and it seems like for all the Dryuary activists!! Have you received one yet?