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Day 8 - Card Shark

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  • Day 8 - Card Shark

    Today's Dryuary post is excellent. Very clever with lots of great advice. If you're not on the email list then click here to check it out on the Dryuary website.

    I particularly liked this sage piece of advice:

    The Martyr Card. Played when your Significant Other shouldn’t have to drink alone. Sit this hand out. No reason to double your losses with two losing hands at the same table.
    My limit: Women's BTB. Solidarity, sisters!
    My plan: No unplanned second or third drinks.

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    Sure wish I had seen this yesterday! Excellent advice.


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      I like this post a lot!


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        It's fabulous! What a hoot! And right on time: my deck this week has held the Martyr card and the Ritual card, and it's only Monday! Luckily on Day 8 my Routine card is n/a


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          Had a moment when I was cooking a while ago and had totally forgot that I had NA wine in the frig. So I got it out and YAY! I drank it and it satisfied my little craving! The NA drinks can really be helpful. Like drinking some fun mocktails.


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            Yes, thanks to Jimmer - this was a really fun and creative way of breaking down the internal negotiator's go-to arguments. The routine vs. ritual distinction was very meaningful to me, as a former nightly drinker.