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  • The hard work is now beginning...

    Iíve made it through my first week of Dryuary and the cravings are manageable, the sleep is meh, and the hard work on my inner self is beginning. Anybody else experiencing this? I now have the time, especially at night, to be doing other things which is good, but also now have the time and clarity to start looking inward. Alcohol has numbed things for years, one of the many reasons why we are friends. I have been pacing around my house a bit at night, finding projects, reading, unable to escape myself. My inner demons are not at all bad compared to a lot of folks, but they are nonetheless my companions. I would try to go out and do things to keep busy this weekend, but on some level escaping probably isnít the answer. Really, my only issues are relationship-oriented, everything else in my life is fantastic! I look forward every morning to the inspirational Dryuary posts (from 2016 and 2017 also, re-reading those) and the support of everyone here.

    P.S. My favorite mocktails so far are mixing ginger ale and Perrier for a ďchampagneĒ and filling a wine bottle with filtered water adding a touch of food coloring to make it look like wine. Iíve been putting my mocktails, milk and water into wine glasses to mimic the habit. I will try to graduate to just plain water in a water glass by next month. I may not die of alcoholism, just by yellow dye #5, lol.

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    Christy - everything you say above rings a bell. I'm not sure that escaping is such a bad idea at this point. I know that if I get caught up in relationship drama during Dryuary it is very likely to derail me. So when I start to go there I tell myself that just for now I can ignore it and focus on my one most important goal this month. And if that means escaping, so be it. I know my issues will all still be there when I have a firmer hold on my new habits.


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      How about coloring? That is a really nice way to while away some time. I've been putting good music on and coloring some vintage (70s) feminist coloring books I loved when I was a can often get them quite cheaply on Amazon: Great Women Paper Dolls, Infamous Women...I also have one on the Aztec gods and hope to learn something. Just a thought!