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    I wanted to give Ruth Marie a big hand for providing the Dryuary Day 3 post to let those who have never been through an extended abs an idea of what to expect. I really liked that she focused on the positive aspects right off the bat-the cessation of negative self-talk was huge for me. All of a sudden, all kinds of acreage opened up in my mind and new wild-flower ideas started blooming, by Day 10 I thought I could solve world hunger. lol I began to worry all those years of drinking had covered up my mania but it subsided, darn it.

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    Thanks for asking me to contribute, kary may. So far, so good on this Day 3. I was looking back and last year I attempted Dryuary but then fell by the wayside. I did notice that this year, I'm saying to myself (and family) "I'm doing Dryuary" rather than "I'm gonna try to do Dryuary." Just that small change seems to be making a difference (...she says on Day 3 ).
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      Yeah, well, we are setting you up for success!


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        Oh thanks for getting the ball rolling in appreciation of today's post, Kary May. Yes, Ruth Marie , it is a really good piece. Thank you for it! And happy month!


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          kary may , To save me time trying to find this answer, would you please tell me what books you have written and where I go to buy? You are a very popular forum member and I am guessing the books are great.


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            Greenie if you look down at the bottom of my posts, you'll see links to my book and my blog (the blog has been sorely neglected in the last year but I started writing it in 2010 and I do blog about my early days with MM when I was trying to moderate). The name of the book is Neighbor Kary May's Handbook To Happily Drinking Less or Not Drinking At All Quite Happily:With the help of the online support community and it is sold in the Kindle store at Amazon. I do not have a hard copy available yet.