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Dryuary is right around the corner!

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  • Dryuary is right around the corner!

    I know a lot of you look forward to the additional support that Dryuary brings after the holidays. MM needs your help to host it once more this year. Unfortunately, Santa doesn't deliver the daily posts that make up Dryuary, so maybe we'll have to play secret Santa by nominating a fellow member's post that you found especially inspiring this year-maybe one you slipped into your own keeper file. That's what we're asking you to do, go back through your keeper files and find any posts that you save pertaining to getting through a day, or a week or 30 days without drinking and send it to us. We'll be happy to let the member know you nominated them and get their permission to include it in our Dryuary collection.

    I know Jimmer's recent card hand post on the MMList is going to be nominated and I'm already planning on that one. It was brilliant Jimmer. Also. a couple of other members have stepped up and offered to write brand new posts and those are very much appreciated. Poems are too. We also really like it if you choose a music video you think fits or an inspirational post or both!

    We'd like to have these by December 15th so the clock is ticking!

    Thank you in advance because I expect my email inbox to be overflowing.