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Good Website to assist with your dry 30 days

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  • Good Website to assist with your dry 30 days

    I've researched AA, SMARTrecovery and numerous other sites. is the best site for those who want to moderate but don't try to moderate without doing a dry 30 days of abstaining. Depending if you are "addicted" to alcohol or now, you might want to go to a "soft" abstaining self-help site. SMARTrecovery is HOSTILE to any talk about moderation and also even hostile to other self-help initiatives. The way I read it after being very active there is unless you are a recovering "addict", the recovering addicts that spend their lives there as volunteers don't want to hear from those who aren't addicted. They first tell you passive aggressively to "go away", then warn you not to "poke the tiger" and then it turns ugly. LOL

    Now, there's a support group here for your important 30 day dry run which is REALLY important. If you can't stop booze for 30 days, you might be physically addicted, aka "dependent" aka, an "alcoholic". So do that and, you might find that 60 days is better etc.

    If you read all the experience on SMARTrecovery, it's clear that those physically dependent can't moderate. If you can't, it's not your fault, its because alcohol is addictive.

    Now a great book that helps you see alcohol for what it is happens to be a "best seller" called "This Naked Mind". Don't expect to see it on the SMARTrecovery reading list because it doesn't seem to follow their "doctrine". It's available on Amazon and you can even listed to a free audiobook with an Amazon/Audible trial. The audiobook is *awesome*. It's a MUST READ (or listen)!

    Annie Grace, the author, has also created a free to use web site where she helps you coach through those dreaded initial 30 days. Dreaded for most. I'd done several 30-60 days abstaining over the years to as a "reality check" to make sure I wasn't dependent.

    I'd recommend you supplement your 30 days of abstaining with visits to, (but don't you DARE mention or there because the castle inhabitants will come at you with pitchforks and you might get expelled from the SROL castle!) LOL I guess they don't realize that they aren't the only castle on earth?? LOL

    And, to be honest with yourself, publish your drinks, intention to abstain etc on this site at and join the hundreds of people trying to figure out if moderation or abstaining is best for their unique situation.

    Take care, we're all trying to fight our dragons (or in the case of MMers, trying to tame them! LOL)

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    Francais i really appreciate reading your insight and all of the valuable information you bring to this group, and i recognize that your intentions are good in that you want to help others the way you are helping yourself. what i need you to understand is that everyone is different, what works for one may not work for the other, and forcing an all-or-nothing mentality onto an entire group of susceptible minds can be more harmful than helpful. i encourage you to use "i" language when discussing moderation and abstinence--share your own experiences instead of your opinions on others. i can't speak for anyone else, but i come here for support, not lectures. i decide my own rules, not anyone else. if we don't see things the same way, that's okay. i'll do me, and you do you. we can respect each other's choices and still support each other.

    i'm sorry, but i can't sit idly by and read posts that contradict the accepting nature of our community without saying something. if you believe that you feel like an addict if you can't make it 30 days without drinking, that can be the foundation for your own recovery. please do not make assumptions and blatant declarations about other people based on your own viewpoints. this is problematic and discouraging for people who are seeking sympathy and support from people in similar situations. we're all here because we have some level of problem drinking, and we can help each other by sharing our own stories and learning from each other instead of dictating rules and ultimatums.
    btb mop: 2 standard drinks per day, 3 nonconsecutive days per week

    i am genderfree and use "they/them/theirs" pronouns