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Giving it up for Lent

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  • Giving it up for Lent

    hello all! i've let my time on here lapse. basically, i almost did a 30 in January, spent February drinking, but here i am again, giving abstinence another try. i'm not sure if this is the place to post, so if anyone needs to redirect me, please feel free. today is day one. i had initially said i'd only do a 30 for March, but i now figure, hey, why not Lent... go a little longer. i have to run to work soon, so i can't stay on right now to type experiences from February. but, I wonder... is anyone else giving up alcohol for Lent?

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    Good morning prc and welcome back! I just came across your post. I'm hoping you found the March Modness thread where we all have been posting our experiences during March. How are you doing with abs? Please keep in touch!