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A Thank You! to all the Dryuary Participants

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  • A Thank You! to all the Dryuary Participants

    To all Participants in Dryuary 2017,

    A sincere Thank You! to all the participants of this year's Dryuary event. We understand only too well that taking a leap into a different sort of experience carries with it some unique challenges. As we have said, it is our wish that the skills learned this Dryuary will be available to you for the year to come.

    Dryuary is going to be an annual offering. It can be lonely- Bring Friends! Building and creating a group experience will be our emphasis for next year's program; we intend to add some new features you will enjoy.

    Dryuary ("A Good Beginning") may be over. But don't let it end.

    If you were already a subscriber to the Dryuary email messages, you are already signed up for our ONE (1) notification message that registration is open for next year's event.
    If you were not already a subscriber, it's not too late to sign up for this notification message- Your email address will only be used once, in the Fall of 2017.

    And... If you are interested in extending your involvement with Dryuary, please let us know at; activities will start in late summer 2018 preparing for next year's event. (There is a lot to do.)

    Again, our thanks to all the Dryuary 2017 participants. Congratulations!

    The Dryuary Administrative Team
    (We built it for you.)

    Reminder: Join us on 2/3 at 10:30PM Eastern for "The Dryuary Experience", as discussion (and podcast recording).
    Details are in a previous post:
    Friends of Dryuary, Our annual "Dry January" event ends on Wednesday, February 1st- And we thought we would take a few minutes to both remember the