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NA drinks that might take the sting out of not drinking!

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  • NA drinks that might take the sting out of not drinking!

    Here's an article with some suggestions:

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    do we have a mocktail recommendation post? if not, we should make one! my go-to drink is seltzer water, a splash of cranberry juice, and lime. i also put cucumbers in my water. i'm not a big fan of soda or sugary juices, so if anyone has any suggestions i'd love to hear them!
    btb mop: 2 standard drinks per day, 3 nonconsecutive days per week

    i am genderfree and use "they/them/theirs" pronouns.


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      I like 1/4 glass OJ, 1/4 glass cranberry, 1/2 glass sparkling, and of course, a lime. My version of the mai tai.


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        OH YEAH good one rckaye, I drank a bunch of those (club soda, cranberry juice and lime) on Friday night and it really helped! And that's a great idea to start a mocktail recommendation do we make/start one?


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          We could just continue it here, or start a new thread entitled "Mocktails." When you click back to Dryuary there's a "New Thread" button at the top on the left side.